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About us
 International Wood Products (kunshan) Co., Ltd is a professional production of Natural veneer,Veneer board and Plywood manufacturers,and We have many years of experience in supplying this. Besides, IWP has the world's advanced processing equipment and a well-trained team,we can offer you the best products and services.
IWP has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.All products are certified by the United States CARB P2, EUTR certification, etc.
At present, IWP is concentrating on the production and sales of veneered panels which is in line with international quality standards. Several seasoned experts are In charge of the veneered panels’ production, management and sale. IWP produces the high-class veneered panels, and 90% of them are exported to Europe and the United States. Moreover,the product has been widely used in high-grade hotels, Foreign guests apartments and villas decoration in all over the world. We promises the quality of our products already achieve world-class level, and we are looking forward to your inquiries.
Productiong facility
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